Blogging has become a daily activity for many people around the world. With an increasing number of people from many countries visiting your blog, our little widget will display a warm greeting to your visitors in their native languages. We have selected the world's most widely used languages to be displayed on our widget. Currently, our widget supports greetings in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

Our widget detects the default language of your visitor's browser and display the greeting message in that respective language. If the right language cannot be determined then our widget will check the language of the location that the visitor's IP address originates from. For example, when your visitor from Japan visiting your blog, if it detects the default browser language of your visitor is Japanese or the IP address is from Japan then our widget will display the preset message in Japanese. You can choose the type of text effect and background image for your preset message and then IPLocationTools will generate the custom codes for you to paste into your blog.

Below are samples of the 12 major languages currently supported:

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

To start using this Native Language By IP Address API, you will need to complete the 2 steps below:

Step 1 - Select the type of text effects from the list below:

Step 2 - Select the background image from the list below:

Step 3 - Preview:

Step 4 - Copy The Code:

Once you are satisfied with the customization, you can just copy the codes below and paste into your website or blog.


IP2Location Firefox Add-on