IPLocationTools real-time visitor widget is free for anyone who wish to track their visitors’ IP location. This widget will record and show you the physical location of the users based on their IP address. Just insert a simple snippet into your websites or blog and this widget will run immediately behind the scene to track and show you the IP Location information.

In this article, we will show you the steps on how to add IPLocationTools real-time visitor widget to Blogger.

  1. Go to Real-Time Visitor’s IP Address Lookup Widget page.
  2. Click on the “Copy Code” button which is located under the snippet section.

    Button section in page

  3. Login to Blogger page.
  4. Click on Layout menu.
  5. Click on any “Add a Gadget” links in the layout setting page.
  6. Under Basic option, choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget from the list.

    Example of add gadget in Blogger

  7. Enter title for the gadget and paste the copied code into the Content section.
  8. Click on Save button.
  9. Done

By completing the stated configuration step above, the IPLocationTools real-time visitor widget will be added into your blog. You may check it now in your Blogger.

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