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IP geolocation Widgets are incredibly useful to determine the geographical location of a user based on their IP address. Explore more.

Real-Time Visitor IP Address Location Lookup API

Real-Time Visitor IP Address Location Lookup API

Real-time IP location lookup service is used to track website visitors by their IP addresses. It will automatically detect visitor locations and display geolocation information.

You can customize the display visitor information such as country flag, region, city, and visited date and time.

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Native Language By IP Address API

Native Language by IP Address API displays a warm greeting to your visitors in their native languages, such as English, Simplified Chinese, Korean and so on.

Our widget also increases the probability of visitors being interested and to keep coming back to your blog.

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Native Language By IP Address API
IP Geolocation Information

IP Geolocation Information

IP geolocation information widget displays the IP location lookup information of the visitor like IP address, country, state and city.

Our widget comes with 3 sizes which are horizontal(468x60), square(200x200) and tall(160x600).

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